Monday, October 7, 2013


All it took was one look
One glance and I knew
Everything around me was so real
So vibrant
So full of life
Gleaming, beaming, glowing
Breathing, pumping, flowing
Water and earth and air and fire
All in their element
Free and fierce and gentle
I noticed from the beginning
Your fragmented heart
Trying to hold those heavy pieces
In your bruised and cut up hands
I'm wrapped in bandage
But I can share some of mine
To patch and stitch and mend
Begin to heal, my friend
Let your cheeks fill with color
Wipe the salt stains from your face
Fill your lungs and look above

You will be restored again

© 2013 Kaeli Riccardi

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 8, 2012

she breathes in ocean
and exhales rain
her heart's a fountain
it can't be tamed

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tomorrow's Song

(Originally written 3.27.11)

Tomorrow comes when the burning heart rises
And all matches met with today's end
Hope is reborn with the sound of singing
It's time to paint the roses red

What do you say now that yesterday's gone
And tomorrow hasn't come?
We've only got today, let it begin now
And we'll sing tomorrow's song

Through the looking glass we see the dark past
With white rabbits and lies all around
Mirrored with shame, we'll run to the place
Where our hearts in love will abound

What do you say now that yesterday's gone
And tomorrow hasn't come?
We've only got today, let it begin now
And we'll sing tomorrow's song

© 2012 Kaeli Riccardi

The Reason for Hope

We see each other through a broken lens;
We see in a mirror, dimly, for now,
But when the perfect comes, the partial dies
And then can love, in full, truly abound.

© 2012 Kaeli Riccardi

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A wall that's built
On lies and guilt
Is hardly a wall at all.
Stones soon will tumble
And cement will crumble
And surely, it will fall.
A Judas kiss
Begins with bliss
And seems like a supporter;
Holding the bricks
Are concealed tricks,
What some assume is mortar.
But if rain drips,
The stones will slip
For lack of a foundation;
No longer will
This 'wall' be still
A mask of adulation.

© 2011 Kaeli Riccardi

Saturday, May 21, 2011

we rise up

with heavy hearts and overflowing souls.
we rise up
with blindfolds, our feet knowing where to go.
we rise up
slaking our thirst and surrendering our fears.
we rise up
out of the ashes and through the tears.
we rise up
against the known and the unknown.
we rise up
to stand for the fallen and alone.
we rise up
with hope and overwhelming grace.
we rise up
ready to take our place.
we rise up,
o sons of God,
we rise up.

© 2011 Kaeli Riccardi

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 5, 2011

"How insignificant I seem,"
said the little seed,
"Why do I compare me
to the olive tree?
Nothing comes easy,
not even melodies.
And honestly,
I don't need your sympathy.
Farmers sow and reap -
they like what they see -
but I'm painted in ivory.
My envy screams like a cacophony
but You resist the urge to leave.
You stop and look at me,
the lonely little seed;
You rest me on Your knee
and tell me how I'm lovely.
Then You plant me by the sea
and I have life, suddenly,
like You've handed me an eternal key.
I begin to grow and spring
from the dirt and soiling;
I shower down my many leaves
and they drift off in evening breeze.
I am not an olive tree,
for I have been made differently,
but I am slowly blossoming
into who I was made to be."

© 2011 Kaeli Riccardi